Saturday, August 22, 2015

FREE Shell Fuel Rewards Program - Extreme Gas or Diesel Savings

NEVER Pay Full Price for Fuel Again!

I hate to admit it, but on occasion, I have been lazy about using my rewards and savings cards. After today, that won't be happening again. I'm excited!

I signed up for the Shell Fuel Rewards program a month or so ago. BUT, I didn't remember to use it at the station until today - what a dummy I've been. I've been missing out on $$$$$!   

Anyway, I told the Shell station cashier I wanted $60 on pump #10. She reminded me to swipe my Fuels Rewards card or use my member #. I swiped the card and then she exclaimed "Wow, you really saved a lot today!" I was expecting the guaranteed savings of at least .03/gallon for program members. She then proceeded to tell me I'd saved $11.02 on my fuel. 

Whoo hoooo! Instead of paying the displayed $2.69/gallon, I ended up saving .25/gallon and only paying $2.44/gallon. Score! The cashier told me that she's had some people get their entire fill-up for free due to their rewards card savings. I wasn't even aware of the various ways that you can build your discount to lower your cost per gallon, so I came home and jumped online to find out. 

What I discovered is that I had received a .25/gallon reward to my account when I linked my Mastercard upon signing up. That was all there was to it & I didn't even know I'd done it!

It is extremely easy to join this program, just sign up HERE and they will mail you your card and member info. Along with the Mastercard bonus I received, linking up other specified cards will also earn you more discounts. This allows you to rack up even more savings at the pump just from eating out, traveling and SHOPPING.. You are also rewarded just by paying for your fuel using one of your linked cards along with your Fuel Rewards card. Double bonus!

If you're like me and always looking for more ways to save, this one is a keeper and well worth the few minutes it takes to sign up. They've also developed a free killer app for our smartphones. Don't be a dummy like me and wait any longer.

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