Friday, February 26, 2016

Watch Your Savings Grow With Ease While Earning a $25 Bonus Just Because

I love being able to watch my savings grow on a regular basis, my nerdy self is entertained by it. Our regular old savings account at our regular old "physical" bank has never been very helpful on this front. For one thing their interest rate is ridiculously low to the point of being almost non-existent.  (as of now it is a maximum of .15 % - yes, that is "point 15%")  And for another, I couldn't earmark funds for certain projects or goals. It was all in one account and all or nothing. I was earning a whole lot of that nothing.

Enter online banking and Capital One 360

Capital One 360 offers several options to help you start to make money with your savings. Their interest rate as of right now is .75% - a whole .60% more than the other guy.  I opened up a savings account with them and received a $25 bonus just because I did! They offer a checking account with the same bonus as well. If you click through my link, you are eligible for the bonuses as well and could earn up to $50 for simply changing to a no-fee, higher-interest bank. You can do it!!! (channeling Rob Schneider here)

One of the other features I mentioned above that brick and mortar banks don't offer is the ability to tag your money with a goal in mind. I have my savings account broke down into several sub-accounts that allow me to track my progress towards a specific goal. It's exciting to watch the little meter steadily move towards the target amount you've entered for that account. It also works as a bit of a motivator for me as I want to reach that goal line as fast as possible.

There is a handy mobile app that allows you to do your banking on the go. It makes transferring money around super simple and helps you track your progress every day.

Don't miss out, check it out now and see how you too can start saving for just about any major or minor goal you might have. Start saving with Capital One 360 today!

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