Monday, July 6, 2015

A little background on me...

My name is Julie aka Jules.  I've been an avid couponer most of my life -  long before (as in decades) it became the popular thing to do - or even had a title. My mom started us as kids clipping and collecting coupons and S&H green stamps and working on mail-in rebates. She made it fun and it became a challenge to see what kind of deals we could stir up, even 30+ years ago. We've come a long way since then. With the internet and smartphone apps, the world of couponing has exploded. You don't even have to ever wield a pair of scissors to save a bunch of money.

For me personally, couponing is a something I enjoy and have a lot of fun with. It is a challenge to match coupons to sales and promotions to fully maximize our savings. It is sort of a game for me to see if I can better my deals each time, with the ultimate goal of creating a money-maker or at least a FREE item. The thing I DON'T do is stress over it or let it take over my life. Couponing is a tool to save our families money and give us the ability to create a small stockpile of items we need and use. It shouldn't be something that takes away from our quality of life, but enhances it. If you make it fun, all the better.

As we go along, I'd really like feedback from readers as to what they'd like to see on Centsable Couponing. I plan on showing various deals that are available as well as providing some tips and tricks to make it easier for new and experienced couponers alike. I will also add resources and other helpful items as they come up. Let me know what you think. We are still building the site so any comments are welcome.

If you happen to be in the Central San Joaquin Valley in California (think Fresno/Madera/Merced), we put on regular couponing classes and would love to meet you. (The schedules will be posted under the Classes tab above or you can always contact me via the email link to the right) 

Until next time, Happy Savings!

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