Sunday, October 18, 2015

How to Actually USE Your Coupons At the Store

We've all done it, spent countless time matching our coupons to the deals, sorting them out, making them ready for our shopping trip. Then we somehow manage to either leave them at home or in the car or if we do bring them in, we forget to give the cashier half of them at the register. FRUSTRATING!!

For quite some time I've been using a really simple system that has been helping me combat this issue of forgetfulness combined with pressure at the register. It is a very easy plan that anyone can implement immediately.

  • I make my shopping list and match up all the corresponding coupons for my items. 

  • I have 2 regular envelopes for each store I shop. One envelope is labeled with the store name "CVS or Walgreens, etc" and the other is labeled "Register". 

  • I start out by having all of the coupons that I will be using for that particular trip in the store envelope. 

  • As I make my progress around the store, I move the coupons for the products I've added to my cart into the "Register" envelope.

  • Once I get to the register, only the coupons in that "Register" envelope are handed to the cashier. No fumbling, no forgetting, no problem!

****Another little tool I've been using is a couple of clothespins. Many times I want to do multiple transactions in order to roll my Register Rewards or ECBs. Instead of having to dig around in the envelope or carrying even more envelopes, I just clip the coupons for the other transaction(s) into a handy dandy clothespin. Easy peasy.

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