Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Match Prices to Save Money

Did you know that many of your favorite stores offer a money saving perk/policy called "price matching"?

Price matching is when you show your favorite store proof that a different merchant is offering the same item for a lower price. Your store may offer to match or even beat that price - saving YOU $$! Pretty neat, huh?

Most stores will have some kind of policy in place regarding the price matching. You may need to bring in a current ad showing the special price. They may request you to take a photo of the shelf tag or even bring in the other product. You might need a receipt from the other store. You need to do your research on your stores to see how they want you to prove that the other store has a better deal. Several stores will even offer to give you up to 10% OVER the matched price. Money back in your pocket..

Here are just a few stores that I know of that will try to price match for you:

I'd love to hear of any more stores that can be added to the list. Let me know! 

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