Sunday, October 4, 2015

Utilizing Apps to Pad Your Wallet and Up Your Savings

There are bajillions of free apps for your smartphones out there. 

But, did you know that there are a bunch of them that can save or even actually MAKE you money?? It's true! You can be paid via check, direct deposit or gift card on most of them.

Most of them are super easy to use - snap a photo of your receipt or just link your rewards cards. I've already made $187 in check/dd and $85 in gift cards - since the middle of May of this year. Just for doing my regular shopping.

**I opened a dedicated online savings account just for my couponing & rebate money so I could easily track it.

Below is a short list of some of my absolute favorites that I use all of the time. Don't miss out on the extra cash in your pocket. 

Free Couponing/Rebate Smartphone & Computer Apps

*click on each name below to be taken to the app page. Many of these will include a referral link and by using it you will usually get an extra bonus in points or even CASH! Plus, you'll be helping me keep this website afloat.








Receipt Hog - on your smartphone, go to the app store and sign up for a FREE Receipt Hog download. Use the referral code:  SWUNG436 and you'll get a bunch of free spins.

Shopmium - on your smartphone, go to the app store and sign up for a FREE Shopmium app. Use the referral code: KUAHHAHE and we will both get a $2.00 bonus. You will also get a FREE Lindt chocolate bar..yum

CheckPoints - on your smartphone, go to the app store and sign up for a FREE CheckPoints download. Use the referral code: brideofmikey to get a chunk of extra points just for signing up!

*There are affiliate links on this page.

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