Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Store Loyalty Card Programs Are Your Friend and Partner in Crime

My store loyalty or store rewards cards are something I never shop without. The savings and extra perks that come with them can be extraordinary. 

I always encourage my friends, my students and just about anyone I meet to sign up for programs at any of the places they shop at, eat out at or even go to watch movies! It is amazing how much a person can be missing out on by not "belonging" to these clubs. 

It seems that just about every place you can spend money on has some type of reward program in place. Many of them will even reward you to spread the word and share the joy with others (this would be the affiliate programs that you'll hear me speak of regularly).

The photo up above shows the drug store cards I have on my key ring. You really don't even need to carry the cards any more as each of these stores will take your phone number instead. 

The photo below shows just a small sampling of some other rewards programs - these three cards just happened to be within my reach when I started on this post. I belong to a ton of different programs, both online and for physical stores.

The first is the new Plenti card. I'm still learning the ins & outs of it, but so far I'm pretty impressed with the system - especially since it is tied into Rite-Aid along with many other stores I shop at. 

The second card is the Shell Fuel Rewards card. A while back I wrote about this card in THIS POST. I'm so totally loving this program. Since I posted about my find, I've saved .05, .25, .30 and .45 off per gallon - 20 gallons at a time. Major, major savings on my fuel bill.

The final one is a local livestock feed store that I frequently shop at - I earn 2% cash back on everything I buy in there. Let me tell you, it really adds up when you're buying $500 loads of chicken feed at a time!

You can find these programs just about everywhere. Take *advantage of them, that's what they are there for. 

*That taking advantage of the savings is why I consider these cards my partners in crime. I feel like I'm stealing when I work some of the sale/coupon/rewards deals and get free items. But it's all good and it's all legal!

Happy Shopping and tell me about some of your favorite loyalty programs. 

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